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In this article, we'll answer some frequently asked questions regarding the game.

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Will there be new maps? How about new game content?
Maps are released frequently, so stay tuned for more maps! We're also rolling out updates as well since this game is still in development and we look forward to making more stuff in-game!

How do I contact the devs?
You can join the Emblitz discord server, or you can email us at emblitz@emblitz.com.

I'm trying to verify my account but I'm not receiving the verification email! What should I do?
Try hitting “resend” if you didn't get the email the first time. Otherwise, wait a minute and check your spam and promotions folders in your email inbox. If you still aren't receiving it, please reach out to us through the contacts above.

I keep getting error messages, such as authentication errors. How do I fix this?
Try clearing your browser cookies and cache. If the errors persist, please let us know.

What's with the glitches?
We are currently aware of several glitches, mostly client-side ones that don't impact gameplay significantly. Note that we are quite busy though, but we'll do our best to address them. If you find any other glitches, please let us know.

What happened to the advertisements?
We ran into some problems with Google Adsense, so we're unable to show ads at the moment. We hope to use the advertisement revenue to support a local nonprofit we volunteered at, Bicycles For All, once we get all those issues resolved.

Who are the devs?
We're just 2 high school students who like making cool stuff and helping out others at the same time.

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