Tutorial - Rules and Mechanics

In this article, we'll learn the basic game rules and mechanics such as the structure of the game, attacking, defending, and more.

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An image of the game menu on the home page Home Page
The home page is divided into a user profile (if you're logged in) and map selection sections. You can select the map you want by using the "<" and ">" buttons. The buttons are as follows:

  • "Play" - Join a random public room
  • "Join Game" - Join a game given that you have its join code
  • "Create Private Room" - Create a private lobby

The game starts when the 20-second timer finishes or if all players hit "Ready", whichever happens first. The room join code is shown as well (perfect for playing challenge matches or bing chilling with friends).

Take over all enemy territories. The game ends if all your territories are destroyed or invaded.

Game Controls
The game controls are simple: click, zoom, and drag. You can manipulate the map by simply panning and zooming it around using your mouse, trackpad, or touchscreen.

Game Phases
The game is split into 2 phases: deploy and attack.

  1. Deploy phase - Select a starting territory before the 10-second timer finishes (if you fail to pick one, you'll start out at a random location). You can't start at a boosted (x2 troops) territory. All players will begin with 10 troops.
  2. Attack phase - Your goal here is to take over all enemy territories. During this phase, you can attack enemy territories, move troops between your own territories to fortify them, and use powerups.

Gaming Troops
Every 10 seconds, all territories (except neutral ones) will gain troops. The number of troops gained is equal to 1 plus 20% of the existing troop count (max of 5). The troop addition timer is on the top left of the screen.

An image of the game attack controls

First, select a territory to move troops from. If you want, you can adjust the slider on the bottom of the screen to change the proportion of troops you want to send. Then, click on a target territory next to it. If it's an enemy or neutral territory, those troops will attack it and deduct troops from it. If it's your own territory, those troops will add towards the total troop count there. Note that territories defending from an attack will have a 10% defender's boost. 1 troop will, by default, remain in every territory until it's killed. Territories with 0 troops will be considered neutral and not count towards any player.

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